Judit Szurdoki | Havas Art Agency and Gallery

Judit Szurdoki

I design and create unique ceramic jewelry. My jeweley was successfully evaluated by the Lectorate of the Hungarian Fine Arts in 2012. Meanwhile, the specialists had noticed my special design.
These 'unique' forms are inspired by our environment and world.
For base material I use ceramic - one of the oldest materiales. I always try to push it's limits with each new forms.
I tend to represent the Hungarian folk motifs in my jewelry. On the other hand I also prefer the modern shapes.

Through these jewelries my aim is to empasize the individuality and the extravagant appearance in the Hungarian fashion. I believe that my creations have "souls". They send a message from their owner. I would love to see their own journey.

Each and every piece is handmade with natural and antiallergic supplements (eg.: cowhide, medical metal, gold and platinum).
Sometimes I use pearls, semi-gemstones and minerals.
During the design period my primary aspect is to create jewelries that can be combined, expanded and suitable for every occasion.