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Istvan Korbely

My ars poetica:

A painter can think between pictures, an interpreter of the mix of sight, thought and personality. My driving force is research: the endless possibility of exploring colors and shades. In my opinion painting is a way of silence communication. A silent stream between the viewer and the painter. The clean and honest expression of my visual world is very important for me. Hope I nailed it!

'Istvan Korbely's painting are very impressive. Specific variation of colors and shapes on sensitively painted sufaces. He is familiar with geometric abstract painting. His imagination is very creative and Istvan's aim is to create value with the strenght of materials, theme and form. For Him figurative representation and the respect of the composition with conscious editing and creative ideas are highly significant.

He is a conscious painter. In his paintings we can find harmony and general human values along with balance and respect for beauty. He is interested in nature and organic shapes. In his other paintings we are able to recognize architectural motives, the Roman coastline and Mediterranean buildings.' (Maria Angyal - Art Historian)