• Angel waiting for Spring
    Maria Magdolna Lőrincz's art, mixed, sackcloth, 60 cm x 60 cm
  • Hardly bearing
    Zoltan Molnar-Gob's art, mixed, board painting, 100 cm x 100 cm
  • Dropped and fallen
    Peter Jakab Szőke's art, mixed, canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm
The Wall Street of Montmartre

Offer from the Havas Art’s curator

„The one who is given the ability for creation, also receives the gift of immortality.”
(Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka)

Oil, canvas, 40 cm x 30 cm
Oil, canvas, 71 cm x 71 cm
Mixed, paper, 100 cm x 75 cm

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The gallery’s latest art

Oil, canvas, 40 cm x 50 cm
Oil, board painting, 60 cm x 80 cm
Oil, board painting, 20 cm x 50 cm
Oil, board painting, 21 cm x 16 cm
Oil, board painting, 40 cm x 30 cm
Aquarell, 30 cm x 24 cm
Oil, canvas, 61 cm x 71 cm
Oil, canvas, 71 cm x 61 cm
Mixed, canvas, 50 cm x 40 cm


Our new group exhibition will take place in the Hotel Nemzeti Budapest from 20 April 2018 at 6:30 pm.
We are pleased to announce that on 27 December 2017 we'll organize a guided visit at the Művészetek Háza from 3 p.m. for the still-to-be-seen exhibition. Gathering starts at 2:50 p.m. in the lobby.
With great plasure we welcome a new painter, Mate Kamaras in our Gallery.